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Ms. Viola Green

In December 2002 our mother, Viola Green was diagnosed with cancer. Her medical insurance was geared primarily towards preventive care and not catastrophic healthcare. We realized that additional financial assistance was required.

Financial assistance was requested from her native country; however, they were not able to meet the needs required. After an extensive search we managed to secure a discount on her chemotherapy treatment. Shortly, thereafter, we were told that her disease had progressed and no other course of treatment was available in her native country. We decided to seek other alternatives in the US. The Oncology and Hematology Centers of Atlanta agreed to treat her as a patient upon arrival.

After obtaining the necessary medical documentation and fulfilling the immigration requirements, she arrived 6 months later. Due to the lack of treatment in that time period, her cancer had advanced beyond current medical treatment available. She passed in July 2004.

This life changing experience led us to believe that our family’s situation was not unique. In addition, her primary care physician’s office shared stories of other such instances. Our mother spent a lot of time expressing her concerns about all of the financial resources that were being used on her behalf and hoped that no one else would have to endure what we have been through. I sincerely feel also that this contributed to her early demised. “No stones were left unturned” during the process of researching and requesting assistance on her behalf. This experience left us with no other alternative but to assist others with the same predicament.
Ms. Green’s Wish, Inc. was formed for the sole purpose of providing assistance to indigent cancer patients who are denied or ineligible for Medicaid/Medicare assistance. Our mission is to provide assistance with the purchasing of medication, transportation for doctor visits, and purchasing of nutritional supplement, groceries and other household expenses, patient and caregiver education.

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